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Krakchemia S. A. authorities

Supervisory Board

Jerzy Mazgaj - Supervisory Board Chairperson

The main shareholder of Alma Market S.A., he studied German philology at Jagiellonian University in Kraków.
Since May 1999, he has held the post of ALMA MARKET SA Board chairman. He also holds posts in companies dependent on Alma Market SA, in Krakchemia SA. - he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, in ALMA Development Sp. z o.o, Krakowski Kredens Tradycja Galicyjska Sp. z o.o., AM1 Sp. z o.o and AM 2 Sp. z o.o. - he is the Chairman of the Board. Since 2 July 2008, he has held the post of the Chairman of Vistula Group SA Supervisory Board.
Jerzy Mazgaj is also the main shareholder of Premium Cigars Sp. z o.o. company that is the exclusive representative of all Cuban cigar brands in Poland. He is a member of Rotary Club, Krakowska Kongregacja Kupiecka (Kraków Tradesmen` Congregation), Izba Przemysłowo - Handlowa w Krakowie (Trade and Industry Chamber in Kraków), Stowarzyszenie Przedsiębiorców Miasta Krakowa (Kraków City Enterpreneurs` Association) and Polski Klub Koneserów (Polish Connoisser Club)

Barbara Mazgaj - Supervisory Board Deputy Chairperson

Since 1999, Mrs. Mazgaj has filled the post of the member of the Supervisory Board in ALMA MARKET S.A., and in years 2004 – 2011 she was Alma Market S.A. Supervisory Board Chairperson. From 2011 to 2014, Mrs. Mazgaj was the Supervisory Board Deputy Chairperson.
Barbara Mazgaj has been engaged for many years now in the trading activity together with Her husband. In years 2004 – 2007, she filled the post of Supervisory Board Deputy Chairperson in Krakchemia S.A. Since 2010, she is Krakchemia S.A. Supervisory Board Deputy Chairperson.
Mrs. Mazgaj has higher education. She graduated from Akademia Rolnicza in Kraków.

Katarzyna Siedlecka-Hajbos - Member of the Supervisory Board

Katarzyna Siedlecka-Hajbos, Master of Economics of Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu w Warszawie. In 2008, an employee of the wholesale bank West LB Bank Polska. In the years 2009-2013, Ms Siedlecka-Hajbos held the  post of the Managing Director of the window woodwork producer pcv and aluminium „DELTA OKNA” in Augustynów.  At that time, she created an innovative operational textbook outlining the procedures of conducting business within the franchise contract, which was widely commented on and prized in the Poland-wide press. Ever Since 2013, Ms Siedlecka-Hajbos has been co-managing the RETAIL PARK estate fund.  In 2015, she became a co-founder of the production Company in the 3D printing branch, TECHNOLOGY –APPLIED, which was – in 2016 – named one of the 6 best start-ups in Poland. Since 2015, she has been one of the co-stakeholders in Red Ocean Group Company, which holds the position of the leading entities on the complex IT service and counselling market.

Władysław Kardasiński
Mr. Kardasiński is a retired professional soldier. He has secondary, administrative-legal education, officer school. In the years 2003-2016, he filled the function of Alma Market S.A. Supervisory Board member.

Marek Frydrych
Born in 1959, graduate of Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza in Poznań (Poznań Universtity) and the State Moscow Institute of International Affairs.
He began his professional career in the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Warsaw, and subsequently in the General Consulate in Shanghai. In years 1992 – 2002, he was a Managing Director in Troy Corporation Ltd in Hong Kong, then the Board Chairperson in Troy International Trading. Since 2002, the Executive Director in Sunningwell International Ltd in Hong Kong, and since in Sunningwell International Polska Sp. z o.o. Board, first as a Member of the Board, and since 2017 as the Chairperson of the Board.


The company`s board

Andrzej Zdebski -Chairman of the Board

Andrzej Zdebski has a higher legal education. Solicitor. Mr. Zdebski graduated from the Law Department at the Jagiellonian University. He has an extensive experience in management. In years 1984-1992, he was an assistant at the Jagiellonian University, International Public Law Department. He held the post of the Director in the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade, Kraków branch (1992-1994) and in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Kraków, 1994-1997. 1997-2001, he was the Director of branches and central departments of the following banks: BWR SA in Kraków, Deutsche Bank 24, Millennium Prestige. He held the position of Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Economy and Labour (2001-2003). 2003-2006, Mr. Zdebski was the Chairman of the Board in the Polish News Agency and Foreign Investment Stock Company, and since 2007 until now, he has been holding the position of the Chairman of KRAKCHEMIA S.A Board.
He was a member of the Supervisory Board in the following companies: Unimil S.A., Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, BGŻ S.A.
Currently, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the International Airport (Międzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawła II – Kraków Balice) and the member of the Supervisory Boards of NFI Jupiter, Zelmer S.A., the President of the Chamber of Trade and Industry in Kraków (Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa), Chilean Honorary Consul in Kraków.

Włodzimierz Oprzędek – Vice-Chairman of the Board, Managing Director

Mr. Oprzędek has a higher, technical education. He graduated from Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza in Kraków (the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy). He completed his post-graduate studiem at the University of Economics in Kraków, Economics and Organisation of Construction Export in 1990 as well as Economics and Management of Companies in 2002. 1980-1989, he was an assistant at Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza in Kraków. As a specialist in export, he worked in Kolejowe Zakłady Automatyki (Railway Automation Works) 1989-1991. From 1991 to 2000, he was affiliated with Trade Company KrakChemia S.A (currently ALMA MATR S.A), where he held the positions of a specialist in foreign trade and the manager of Foreign Trade Orfice, consecutively.
In KrakChemia S.A.( before its transformation in 2004, the company existed as KrakChemia-Hurt Sp. z o.o.(Ltd)), he has been working since its creation, i.e. since 2000. He has held the positions of the Foreign Trade Orfice Manager, the Director for Co-operation and Implementation as well as in the function of Managing Director. Until 2004, he was the company`s proxy. Since 2004 until now, he has held the position of the Vice-Chairman of the Board as the Managing Director.