Krakchemia S.A

BOPP transparent film with sealing layers

  • Flexographic and rotogravure printing,
  • laminating,
  • packing on horizontal and vertical flow pack wrappers (HFFS-VFFS),,
  • labels for PET bottles,
  • confectionery product packaging, box wrapping (e.g. tea, coffee, cosmetics, CD, DVD discs), fancy goods, clothing (e.g. shirts, underwear), pasta, crunches, crisps, bakery etc.
  • by standard single-sidedly activated (on external rolling side),
  • high transparency and shine,
  • good mechanic properties,
  • good sealing properties,
  • low vapour and odorous substances permeability, 
  • slip and anti-block properties facilitating its processing on flow wrappers
Transparent BOPP chart- PDF