Krakchemia S.A

Rule concerning the change of the entity entitled to review the financial reports

In compliance with I.Z.1.11 of GPW (Warsaw Stock Exchange) Companies` Good Practices, the Company Board informs that in accordance with § 5 item 2.5 of KRAKCHEMIA S.A. Articles, the selection of a chartered accountant is conducted by the Company Supervisory Board. In turn, in accordance with item 2.4 g) of the Supervisory Board Regulations, the change of a chartered accountant should be conducted at least once in five years, while, by the change of a chartered accountant the change of a person conducting reviews is understood. In accordance with item 4.1 of the Supervisory Board Regulations and with item 2 of Auditing Committee Regulations, the Auditing Committee submits recommendations to the Company Supervisory Board, which concern the selection of an entity fulfilling the function of an external auditor.